Meet the Kitchen Supervisor

A longhaired black-and-white tuxedo cat, sitting on a towel on the kitchen counter. He looks haughty.

Mirrors supervises. He helps that way a lot.

This is Mirrors. He keeps an eye on what’s happening in the kitchen here, and makes sure things are done properly. Since the weather has started getting cooler, he’s turned this into a full-time job, 7 days a week. He insists on sampling many ingredients, to ensure they’re of sufficient quality.  The staff tries hard to provide him with samples before he takes matters into his own paws.

He is a demanding supervisor, and gives the Gluten-Free Southern Cook a lot of headaches.

The same cat sleeps on his towel on the counter.

Sometimes he sleeps on the job.

Note: I do not want him on the counter, but he doesn’t care.  When I was still trying to enforce this, here’s what happened:

The same cat, staring at me from his perch in the dish drainer.

Not exactly what we want. From 2005.

It’s worked better just to put an old dish towel on one section of counter for him, and not use that section for food. (The part that’s mostly useful when I’m working at the sink? Perfect!) Otherwise, he jumps up on all the counters and I have to wash them 5 times a day.

My Mamaw would still have fits if she knew about our little supervisor. *shakes head*


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