Quick veggie and tofu pasta with miso sauce, for one

Bowl of pasta

There’s a backlog of dishes I’ve been meaning to post here, since the photos finally got transferred off Mr. Sweden’s DSLR. Now, if I can remember what went in them… 😉 I haven’t been online much lately anyway, with my health acting up, but with any luck I’ll be posting more.

Right now, I’m a reluctant omnivore in spite of ethical problems* with pretty much all of the meat that’s readily available here other than wild fish and maybe lamb/mutton, but you can expect more vegetarian dishes to show up here. On the basis that eating fewer meat meals and seeing how my system responds to it is better than an all-or-nothing approach, I’ve been cooking more explicitly veggie stuff lately–especially when I’m on my own, like most lunchtimes and tonight.

This is another of those thrown-together meals for one that turned out better than I was expecting. 🙂 Frozen veggies and pasta were about my speed tonight, being frequent go-to ingredients for a quick meal, soup or otherwise. All fresh would probably be better, but convenience wins out a lot around here! I hadn’t actually intended to post this, but the vegetable colors were pretty enough that I had to grab my camera. And then it was tasty, to boot.

Ingredient note: I used the Mori-Nu firm silken tofu in a Tetra Pak, because that’s what I had. The only local source of fresh tofu I know of is Hoo Hing, which is hard to get to by public transport. (Cycling there? Much easier, before the knotted-up thigh muscles really started ganging up on me.) So, I’ve been using the readily available Mori-Nu stuff in dishes where the refrigerated “cotton” kind would really work better. But, I kind of like the smoother silken mouthfeel, and it just about works as long as you just throw it in at the end to heat up and don’t stir enough to make it disintegrate. An excellent post from Maki at Just Hungry: Looking at tofu.

This would work OK with other vegetables, but again, this is what I had that looked good tonight. 🙂

Ingredients laid out on the counter

Ingredients, on a messy counter. No, you couldn't tell we have an Iceland just up the street, with the number of their brand products showing up. 😉

Quick veggie and tofu pasta with miso sauce

  • 1 Tbsp. peanut oil
  • About a cup (250mL) of frozen veggies, or whatever is left in the package 😉 — in this case, Iceland Mediterranean Vegetables (“A selection of grilled courgette, onion, cherry tomato, grilled aubergine, grilled red and yellow peppers with a basil and garlic olive oil dressing”#–barely noticeable seasoning, but surprisingly good for frozen zucchini and eggplant.) I set the halved cherry tomatoes aside, so they wouldn’t turn to mush.
  • Small zucchini, cut into little cubes
  • Four or five cherry tomatoes, halved, if not in the frozen veg mix — I wasn’t sure how well the flavor would work with the miso, but the answer was very well indeed! They added a lot of brightness.
  • About 1 Tbsp. gluten free soy sauce (Tiger Tiger Thai shoyu-alike made with jasmine rice, which I was glad our local Sainsbury’s started carrying)
  • Crushed red pepper to taste (optional)
  • 1/2 tsp. sugar (particularly good with the slight eggplant bitterness)
  • 2 cloves garlic, crushed or minced, or half a handy frozen cube
  • 1/4 c. (50mL) or so water, depending on how much liquid your veggies release — I sloshed in a little pasta water
  • About 1 Tbsp. miso — I used red
  • A couple of sliced green onions
  • About 4 oz. (125g) tofu, cut into bite-sized pieces
  • 1/4 of a pound or 500g bag of GF pasta of your choice — Sainsbury’s corn and rice fusilli, in this case

Set a pot of lightly salted pasta water to boil. When it’s about time to throw the pasta in, start the veggies cooking.

Heat the oil in a deep skillet, and steam-fry the veggies with the red pepper and soy sauce until they just start getting translucent. Add the garlic and fry a little longer. Throw in the halved cherry tomatoes.

Steam-fried vegetables in the pan

Time to get saucy!

Add the water, if needed, and the miso and sugar to make a little bit of sauce. Then throw in the cubed tofu and green onion, stir gently, and let it simmer a couple more minutes.

Cubed tofu, crushed garlic, and sliced green onion waiting to go in the pan.

The tofu is getting lonely.

All sauced-up and ready to fold in the pasta.

Fold in the cooked pasta, which should be done at about the same time as the veggies and tofu. Enjoy!

This made two fairly big pasta bowls full, which was about right for me tonight. (Practice makes perfect with estimating these things, I guess–though I still tend to cook too much by default. 🙂 ) If you’re not as hungry and/or are eating it with a salad, this quantity would make lunch for two.


* More on this, for the curious, from my main blog: Reconsidering some choices and “Wild animals”, ethics, and veg*anism. Back.


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