I’m back!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here, but hopefully this will change. My health really took a nosedive, and it turned out that I seem to have had one degree or another of a vitamin D deficiency for a long time now–really set off by moving to the Land of No Sun–which has been behind most of the chronic pain and other health problems I’d been running into. That and the pain from it have also been causing a lot of brain fog with word-finding difficulties, like I’ve been glutened–but, I guess anything that throws your system sufficiently out of whack will do that! Just knowing what’s going on makes a huge difference in coping with it, though.

Right now, I’m on the mend (*knock wood*) from a  couple of pelvic insufficiency fractures from osteomalacia, and just about able to stand up in the kitchen more. Though I’m trying not to push too hard, difficult as that can be. 😉 With any luck, I’ll also soon be up to posting more food-related stuff. The way things have been going, probably a lot of mineral-dense food!

Soon, I am hoping to finish putting a post together on celiac/gluten sensitivity and bone density problems from malabsorption deficiencies–and probably add a new links section to the sidebar–because it’s very relevant, and something that a lot of doctors unfortunately do not think to look out for even in those of us diagnosed as adults. My lazy former GP did not send me for nutrient status testing or a bone scan at all, and this does not seem to be unusual.  When you’ve had malabsorption problems for years, possibly for life, getting off the gluten is just the first step toward letting your body recover–rarely the only thing necessary. That kind of imbalance will take a toll. Given that a scary percentage of adult-diagnosed celiacs complain initially about a certain pattern of chronic pain (usually centered around lower back, hips, legs) from this kind of thing, the lack of knowledge there is shocking and still makes me angry. Both osteomalacia and osteoporosis are common complications, not too surprising when your body has trouble getting enough minerals and the vitamin D to use them.

So, more info on that should be coming soon. (Part of the problem with putting it together before was that I kept getting worked up over the number of people who keep getting dismissed with this stuff, until the problems have become really serious.)  And, hopefully, there should be more food posts coming. It’s a relief, feeling like cooking more again. 🙂


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